Greetings from the President


Welcome to KHPLEI's official website. We, the Korea Health Personnel Licensing Examination Institute [KHPLEI], aim to be "an Open Rating Agency" .

KHPLEI starts out as a special corporation officially acknowledged based upon the 'Korea Health Personnel Licensing Examination Institute Act' that took effect on Dec. 23, 2015.

In Korea, the social demand for health care and medical personnel equipped with right competency has been on the rise. This is because we need to proactively cope with the changes in the health care and medical environment caused by the ageing population and the increasing incidence of chronic diseases. Moreover, it is significant to train excellent health care personnel and medical personnel to foster the health care service market as Korea��s new growth engine and to improve our global competitiveness.

Thus, the KHPLEI will strengthen its expertise by improving the quality of its test questions as well as workforce capability, expanding the infrastructure of national test, and reinforcing research competitiveness.

In addition, the KHPLEI will secure the reliability of evaluations through the stabilization of the test operation process, the expansion of practice tests, and the introduction of computerized tests.

The KHPLEI will also endeavor to realize the customer satisfaction management by tailoring test environments to applicants�� needs, expanding the scope of the customized services, and consolidating financial stability.

The KHPLEI, now acknowledged as a burgeoning special corporation, will consolidate its reputation as the sole national examination management agency for health care and medical personnel and furthermore leap as a globally recognized rating agency.

Thank you.