Greetings from the President


First Step for Becoming an Excellent Health and Medical Service Personnel for National Health!
We Provide Reliable, Transparent, and Fair Test for the People.


This is the head of Korea Health Personnel Licensing Examination Institute, Yunsung Lee.

Thank you for vising our Korea Health Personnel Licensing Examination Institute homepage.

Our institute seeks to contribute in healthy and happy life of the people by cultivating excellent health and medical service personnel through specialization of health personnel licensing examination and qualitative improvement on evaluation.

We promise to try our best in strengthening the position as the world-level health personnel licensing examination institute through continuous change and innovation.

First of all, we will improve the evaluation quality by cultivating excellent talents and adding high-quality questions.

secondly, we will rationalize the test system and construct advanced evaluation system through active research and development in response to environmental change and social needs.

Third, we will provide customized services and examinee-oriented management to help examinees to take examinations conveniently.

Fourth, as a public institute, we will fulfill our social role and responsibility to make the better world for everyone.

After becoming a special corporation in 2015, our korea Health Personnel Licensing Examination Institute is facing a turning point of new developments. We promise to fulfill our duties to become a reliable and impressing institute for examination and evaluation.

Thank you.