1) Physician

  • A Physician promotes public health through the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease based on specialized knowledge of the medical sciences and the necessary clinical skills.

    To diagnose and treat diseases, impairments, and injuries, they do physical checkup and conduct medical examinations as well as setting the scope and direction of treatments.

    They also determine specific management plans after consulting individual patients. Physicians also provide medical counselling to help their patients maintain the desired level of health.

    They carry out research to improve their understanding of the medical sciences and to promote public health, as well as making efforts to enhance health and welfare systems.

  • Eligibility
    1. A Bachelor's degree holder who graduated from a university or college, with a major in medical science
    2. A master's or a doctor's degree holder who graduated from a graduate medical school, with a major in medical science
    3. A person who graduated from an overseas medical school recognized by the Minister of Health and Welfare, which must be equivalent to any set forth in A or B, and has been licensed as a physician by the competent authorities and passed the preliminary examination for MLE(Medical Licensing Examination).
    4. A person who was studying at an overseas medical school recognized by the Minister of Health and Social Affairs as of July 8, 1994, needs to have graduated from the school and has passed the preliminary examination for MLE.
    ※ A person who is expected to receive a degree within six months from a university, college or graduate school with a major in medical science, shall be deemed qualified on the grounds of meeting any set forth A or B. A license must be granted only if receiving the degree at the expected date of graduation.
    Disqualification standards
    1. A mentally ill person under Subparagraph 1 of Article 3 of the Mental Health Act(except for those who are recognized by a medical specialist to be fit to act as a medical person)
    2. An addict to narcotics, marijuana or any psychoactive drugs
    3. An incompetent or a quasi-incompetent person
    4. A person in whose case, the execution of a sentence is not completed or the decision not to execute such sentence is not yet finalized after being sentenced to imprisonment without prison labor or a heavier punishment due to the violation of the Medical Service Act or Articles 233, 234, 269, 270, 317(1), or 347 (applicable only to cases of deceiving a patient or institution or organization responsible for payment of medical expenses by claiming medical expenses by false) of the Criminal Act, the Act on Special Measures for the Control of Public Health Crimes, the Regional Public Health Act, the Prevention of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Act, the Emergency Medical Service Act, the Act on the Special Measures for Public Health and Medical Services in Agricultural and Fishing Villages, etc., the Anatomy and Preservation of Corpses Act, the Blood Management Act, the Act on the Control of Narcotics, etc., the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, the Mother and Child Health Act, or any other Acts and subordinate statues governing medical affairs specified by Presidential Decree
  • Clinical skill test
    No. of items Score allocation Total score
    12 items 6 items on patient encounters 100 per item 600
    6 items on procedure skills 50 per item 300
    Test procedure Upon the start and finish bells, examinees will move between 12 test rooms (stations) and perform the given tasks. The procedures and the outcome of their performance will be assessed
    Test subject History taking, physical examination, physician and patient interaction, attitude toward patients, and basic technical skill
    Test format Clinical skill test using standardized and simulated patients and models
    ※ 10 minutes for each patient encounter item (an additional five minutes allocated for interstation test), and five minutes per procedure skills item.
    Written test
    No. of subjects No. of items Score allocation Total Score Type of item
    3 360 1 per item 360 Multiple choice (5 options) and Type R items
    Period Test subjects
    (No. of items)
    No.of items Type of items
    Day 1 1st Medical Health Legislation(20)
    80 Multiple choice
    2nd MedicineⅡ-1(70) 70 Multiple choice
    3rd MedicineⅡ-2(70) 70 Multiple choice
    Day 2 4th MedicineⅡ-3(70) 70 Multiple choice
    5th MedicineⅡ-4(34)
    MedicineⅡ-5[Type R](36)
    70 Multiple choice
    (Type R)
    ※ For extended matching set type items (Type R), there are 8 items for Medicine I and 52 items for Medicine II in the second period of Day 1.
    ※ For extended matching set type items (Type R), there are 32 items for Medicine II in fifth period of Day 2.
    ※ Medical Health Legislation: Framework Act on Health and Medical Services, Regional Public Health Act, National Health Promotion Act, Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act, Prevention of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Act, Quarantine Act, Medical Service Act, Emergency Medical Service Act, Blood Management Act, Act on the Control of Narcotics, etc., and National Health Insurance Act, and their enforcement Decrees and enforcement Rules.
  • Successful candidates will have passed both written and clinical skills components of the test.

    1. Those who score at least 60 percent in the written test with at least 40 percent in each subject will be considered to be successful candidates.
    2. The passing score for the clinical skill test will be determined by the passing score deliberation committee consisting of medical school professors. Details of the passing score calculation will be determined and notified by the Minister of Health and Welfare.
  • Test Times Test date Date of announcement of successful candidates Number of applicants Number of examinees Number of successful candidates Pass rate
    Physician 72 2008.01.09~10 2008.01.18. 4,059 4,028 3,887 96.5
    73 2009.01.08~09 2009.01.20. 3,770 3,750 3,510 93.6
    74 2010.01.07~08 2010.01.18. 3,481 3,469 3,224 92.9
    75 2011.01.07~08 2011.01.18. 3,391 3,376 3,095 91.7
    76 2012.01.10~11 2012.01.20. 3,515 3,446 3,208 93.1
    77 2013.01.10~11 2013.01.23. 3,338 3,287 3,032 92.2
    78 2014.01.09~10 2014.01.22. 3,450 3,412 3,200 93.8
    79 2015.01.08~09 2015.01.21. 3,310 3,302 3,125 94.6
    80 2016.01.07~08 2016.01.20. 3,332 3,323 3,106 93.5
    81 2017.01.06~07 2017.01.18. 3,346 3,336 3,095 92.8
    82 2018.01.09~10 2018.01.23. 3,385 3,373 3,204 95.0
    83 2019.01.10~11 2019.01.24. 3,318 3,307 3,115 94.2