5) Nurse

  • A Nurse is a health professional specializing in helping individuals, families and local communities, all entities in need of health care helps recover, maintain and enhance health by practicing nursing.

    They also provide support for individuals, families and the local community to be equipped with knowledge, energy, willingness and resources for better health.

    Nurses also play a role as mediators by providing training, explanations, advice, supervision and guidance.

  • Eligibility
    1. A person who graduated from a university, college, or junior college with a major in nursing. Those who are expected to graduate in Korea must confirm that they have graduated within February of the following year of the application. If they fail to have graduated from the school within the period, their passing will be invalidated.
    2. A person who graduated from an overseas university majoring in nursing recognized by the Minister of Health and Welfare; and has been licensed as a nurse by the competent authorities.
    3. A person who was studying at an overseas nursing school recognized by the Minister of Health and Social Affairs as of July 8, 1994 and graduated from the school with a major in nursing.
    Disqualification standards
    1. A mentally ill person under subparagraph 1 of Article 3 of the Mental Health Act(except for those who are recognized by a medical specialist to be fit to act as a medical person)
    2. An addict to narcotics, marijuana or any psychoactive drugs
    3. An incompetent or a quasi-incompetent person
    4. A person in whose case, the execution of a sentence is not completed or the decision not to execute such sentence is not yet finalized after being sentenced to imprisonment without prison labor or a heavier punishment due to the violation of the Medical Service Act or Articles 233, 234, 269, 270, 317(1), or 347 (applicable only to cases of deceiving a patient or institution or organization responsible for payment of medical expenses by making false medical expense claims) of the Criminal Act, the Act on Special Measures for the Control of Public Health Crimes, the Regional Public Health Act, the Prevention of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Act, the Emergency Medical Service Act, the Act on the Special Measures for Public Health and Medical Services in Agricultural and Fishing Villages, etc., the Anatomy and Preservation of Corpses Act, the Blood Management Act, the Act on the Control of Narcotics, etc., the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, the Mother and Child Health Act, or any other Acts and subordinate statues governing medical affairs specified by Presidential Decree.
  • No. of subjects No. of items Score allocation Total score Type of items
    8 295 1 per item 295 Multiple choice
    (5 options)
    Period Test subjects (No. of test items) No. of items Type of items
    1st Adult Health Nursing (70),
    Maternity Nursing (35)
    105 Multiple choice
    2nd Pediatric Nursing (35),
    Community Health Nursing (35),
    Psychiatric Nursing (35)
    105 Multiple choice
    3rd Nursing Management (35),
    Fundamental Nursing (30),
    Medical Health Legislation(20)
    85 Multiple choice
    ※ Medical Health Legislation: Framework Act on Health and Medical Services, Regional Public Health Act, National Health Promotion Act, Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act, Prevention of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Act, Quarantine Act, Medical Service Act, Emergency Medical Service Act, Blood Management Act, Act on the Control of Narcotics, etc., and National Health Insurance Act and their enforcement Decrees and enforcement Rules
  • Those who score at least 60 percent across all subjects and at least 40 percent in each individual subject will be considered to be successful candidates.

  • Test Times Test date Date of announcement of successful candidates Number of applicants Number of examinees Number of successful candidates Pass rate
    Nurse 48 2008.01.25. 2008.02.11. 12,726 12,542 11,333 90.4
    49 2009.01.23. 2009.02.16. 12,703 12,509 11,717 93.7
    50 2010.01.22. 2010.02.09. 12,886 12,738 11,857 93.1
    51 2011.01.21. 2011.02.11. 13,516 13,358 12,519 93.7
    52 2012.01.31. 2012.02.13. 13,694 13,536 12,840 94.9
    53 2013.01.25. 2013.02.14. 13,966 13,799 13,065 94.7
    54 2014.01.24. 2014.02.17. 16,249 16,079 15,458 96.1
    55 2015.01.23. 2015.02.16. 16,436 16,285 15,743 96.7
    56 2016.01.22. 2016.02.15. 18,755 18,655 17,505 93.8
    57 2017.01.20. 2017.02.09. 20,356 20,196 19,473 96.4
    58 2018.01.26. 2018.02.14. 20,870 20,731 19,927 96.1
    59 2019.01.25. 2018.02.18. 21,511 21,391 20,615 96.4