6) Pharmacist

  • A Pharmacist is a health a professional who dispenses and administers medicines and advises patients on the proper use of drugs, while working in various areas related to pharmaceuticals including their manufacturing, dispensing and supply management under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

    Pharmacists are responsible for primary care and use their expertise and accessibility to pharmacies to contribute to promoting national health, based on an overall understanding of the local residents and local health programs.

  • Eligibility
    1. A person who graduated from a college of pharmacy and received a bachelor's degree in pharmacy. Those who are expected to graduate must confirm that they have graduated within February of the following year of the application. If they fail to have graduated from the school within the period, their passing will be invalidated.
    2. A person who graduated from an overseas college of pharmacy recognized by the Minister of Health and Welfare, and who has been licensed as a pharmacist by the competent authorities
    3. A person who was studying at an overseas university which is recognized by the Minister of Health and Social Affairs as of July 8, 1994, and who graduated from the school with a major in pharmacy
    Disqualification standards
    1. A mentally ill person under Subparagraph 1 of Article 3 of the Mental Health Act(except for those who are recognized by a medical specialist to be fit to act as a pharmacist)
    2. An incompetent or a quasi-incompetent person
    3. An addict to narcotics, marijuana or any psychoactive drugs
    4. A person who has been sentenced to imprisonment without prison labor or a heavier penalty on charges of violating the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, the Act on the Control of Narcotics, etc., the Act on Special Measures for the Control of Public Health Crimes, the Medical Service Act, Article 347 of the Criminal Act (limited to the case of deceiving patients or an institution or organization paying the drug expenses by demanding the drug expenses by falsity; thereinafter the same should apply) and other Acts and subordinate statutes related to pharmaceutical affairs and for whom the sentence has yet to be terminated or exemption from its execution has yet to be made definite.
    5. A person who has been subjected to a disposition of cancellation of licensure by committing the crimes under Article 347 of the Criminal Act and for whom three years have not elapsed, or subjected to a disposition of cancellation of licensure by violating Acts and subordinate statutes relating to pharmaceutical affairs and for whom two years have not elapsed.
  • No. of subjects No. of items Score allocation Total score Type of items
    4 350 1 per item 350 Multiple choice
    (5 options)
    Period Test subjects (No. of items) No. of items Type of items
    1st Biopharmacy (100) 100 Multiple choice
    2nd Industrial Pharmacy (90) 90 Multiple choice
    3rd Clinical·Practical Pharmacy 1 (77) 77 Multiple choice
    4th Clinical·Practical Pharmacy 2 (63),
    Medical Health Legislation (20)
    83 Multiple choice
    ※ Medical Health Legislation: Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, Act on the Control of Narcotics, etc., and National Health Promotion Act, Framework Act on Health and Medical Services, National Health Insurance Act, Regional Public Health Act, and their enforcement Decrees and enforcement Rules
  • Those who score at least 60 percent across all subjects and at least 40 percent in each individual subject will be considered to be successful candidates.

  • Test Times Test date Date of announcement of successful candidates Number of applicants Number of examinees Number of successful candidates Pass rate
    Pharmacist 59 2008.01.18. 2008.01.29. 1,614 1,570 1,359 86.6
    60 2009.01.16. 2009.02.05. 1,660 1,620 1,375 84.9
    61 2010.01.15. 2010.01.28. 1,647 1,590 1,423 89.5
    62 2011.01.14. 2011.01.27. 1,697 1,651 1,390 84.2
    63 2012.01.17. 2012.02.01. 1,872 1,815 1,614 88.9
    64 2013.01.18. 2013.01.29. 481 436 262 60.1
    65 2014.01.17. 2014.01.28. 299 254 116 45.7
    of degree)
    2015.01.23. 2015.02.16. 136 105 27 25.7
    6-years college
    (doctor of degree)
    2015.01.23. 2015.02.16. 1,726 1,716 1,668 97.2
    of degree)
    2016.01.22. 2016.02.15. 115 94 27 28.7
    6-years college
    (doctor of degree)
    2016.01.22. 2016.02.15. 1,878 1,869 1,772 94.8
    6-years college
    (doctor of degree)
    2017.01.20. 2017.02.09. 2,022 1,996 1,868 93.6
    6-years college
    (doctor of degree)
    2018.01.26. 2018.02.14. 2,042 2,017 1,839 91.2
    6-years college
    (doctor of degree)
    2019.01.25. 2018.02.18. 2,130 2,106 1,896 90.0