9) Radiological Technologist

  • A Radiological Technologist uses radiological imaging technologies and materials to deliver information regarding the diagnosis and conduct treatments.

    They generally work at the radiation department where X-ray, MRI, CT and ultrasonography are performed to inspect the internal organs accurately; the radiation oncology department where cancer is treated using high energy radiation; and the department of nuclear medicine which conducts not only cancer diagnosis using radioisotopes but also treats specific types of cancer, such as goiter.

  • Eligibility
    1. A person who graduated from a university, industrial college, or junior college with a major in the field of radiation technology. Those who are still completing their study must confirm that they have graduated within February of the following year of the application. If they fail to have graduated from the school within the period, their passing will be invalidated.
    2. A person who completed an overseas university recognized by the Minister of Health and Welfare with a major in radiation technology or a course equivalent to or higher than that, and has been licensed as a Radiological Technologist by the competent authorities. If the person was studying at school equivalent to or higher than foreign junior colleges recognized by the Minister of Health and Welfare with a major in the study related to radiation technology as of October 6, 1995, the person needs to have graduated from that school in order to be eligible.
    Disqualification standards
    1. A mentally ill person under Subparagraph 1 of Article 3 of the Mental Health Act(except for those who are recognized by a medical specialist to be fit to act as a medical technician, etc.)
    2. An addict to narcotics, marijuana or any psychoactive drugs
    3. An incompetent or a quasi-incompetent person
    4. A person in whose case, the execution of a sentence is not completed or the decision not to execute such sentence is not yet finalized after being sentenced to imprisonment without prison labor or a heavier punishment due to the violation of the Medical Technicians, etc. Act or Articles 234, 269, 270(2) or (4), or 317(1) of the Criminal Act, the Act on Special Measures for the Control of Public Health Crimes, the Regional Public Health Act, the National Health Promotion Act, the Prevention of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Act, the Medical Service Act, the Emergency Medical Service Act, the Anatomy and Preservation of Corpses Act, the Blood Management Act, the Act on the Control of Narcotics, etc., the Mother and Child Health Act, or the National Health Insurance Act
  • No. of subjects No. of items Score allocation Total score Type of items
    Written test: 3 200 1 per item 200 Multiple choice
    (5 options)
    Practical skill test: 1
    (written exam)
    50 1 per item 50 Multiple choice
    (5 options)
    Period Test subjects
    (No. of test items)
    No. of items Type of items
    1st Principle of Radiology (90),
    Medical Service Legislation (20)
    110 Multiple choice
    2nd Application of Radiology (90) 90 Multiple choice
    3rd Practical skill (written exam) (50) 50 Multiple choice
    ※ Medical Service Legislation: Medical Service Act, Medical Technicians, etc. Act, Regional Public Health Act, and their Enforcement Decrees and Enforcement Rules
  • Those who score at least 40 percent in each individual subject and at least 60 percent across all subjects in the written test and score at least 60 percent in the practical skill test will be considered to be successful candidates.

  • Test Times Test date Date of announcement of successful candidates Number of applicants Number of examinees Number of successful candidates Pass rate
    Radiological Technologist 35 2008.02.17. 2008.03.03. 2,497 2,346 1,826 77.8
    36 2009.02.15. 2009.03.06. 2,150 1,999 1,273 63.7
    37 2010.02.07. 2010.02.26. 2,566 2,399 1,668 69.5
    38 2010.12.19. 2011.01.11. 2,459 2,386 1,613 67.6
    39 2011.12.18. 2012.01.11. 2,804 2,713 1,405 51.8
    40 2012.12.16. 2013.01.08. 3,330 3,226 2,302 71.4
    41 2013.12.15. 2014.01.07. 2,966 2,864 1,355 47.3
    42 2014.12.14. 2015.01.06. 3,443 3,339 2,288 68.5
    43 2015.12.13. 2016.01.05. 3,046 2,944 2,223 75.5
    44 2016.12.18. 2017.01.04. 2,707 2,622 2,033 77.5
    45 2018.01.05. 2018.01.25. 2,591 2,504 1,962 78.4
    46 2018.12.22. 2019.01.10. 2,607 2,548 2,031 79.7