1) Research and Development

○ Basis of R & D

  • Article 1 of Regulations of the KHPLEI on the purpose of its establishment provides ground for research projects

Article 1 (Purpose)

The KHPLEI shall contribute to the advancement of health care by pursuing the specialized management and implementation of national examinations as well as the qualitative enhancement of national examinations. The KHPLEI is to do so by managing the korea health personnel licensing examination, conducting surveys and research, and developing the examination system according to provisions set forth in health care related laws.

○ Purposes of R & D

  • 01. Management of national korea personnel licensing examinations and surveys · research · development of the examination system
  • 02. Specialization of the management and administration of national examinations and the qualitative enhancement of the national examination
  • 03. Contribution to the advancement of health and medical care

○ Targets for survey and research

  • Research projects that require a survey and research in connection with policies and businesses in order to manage the national korea personnel licensing examination and examination system

○ Selection of research projects and institutes

  • The Division of Research and Development in the KHPLEI selects research institutes by the means of a public competition to enhance the fairness of the research projects
  • The KHPLEI runs a committee with experts who review research projects to enhance the specialization